iReceptor Service iReceptor Repository

This AIRR-seq data repository can be searched using the AIRR Data Commons API.
API version: 1.2.0

For example, to get the list of repertoires using curl:

curl -k --data "{}" "https://this_repository_URL/airr/v1/repertoire"

For more information about this repository's API, see the /info entry point.

About the data

  • AIRR repertoires: abstract organizational units of analysis defined by the researcher, consisting of study metadata, subject metadata, sample metadata, cell processing metadata, nucleic acid processing metadata, sequencing run metadata, a set of raw sequence files, data processing metadata, and a set of AIRR Rearrangements.
  • AIRR rearrangements: sequences describing a rearranged adaptive immune receptor chain (e.g., antibody heavy chain or TCR beta chain), along with a host of annotations.